Willamette Hops Profile

Willamette is the king of aroma in the world of hops providing a spicy, floral, and fruity fragrance to your beer. Willamette Hops are great for all English-Style Ales, US Pale Ales, US Brown Ales, American Lagers, and Porters. If you’re looking to buy Willamette Hops for your next batch of beer you can pick them up at The Hoppy Brewer in Gresham. Learn more about Willamette Hops profile below.


Named after northwest Oregon’s Willamette Valley, Willamette Hops were developed and released by the U.S.D.A in 1976 as a variation on Fuggle Hops. In the years since, Willamette Hops have grown tremendously in popularity and now account for about 20% of total U.S. hops acreage and is one of the most common aroma hops in the country.


Though sometimes used for its slight bittering properties, with its low alpa acid content, Willamette is mainly an aroma hop. It tends to impart a peppery and herbaceous spice with fruity and floral notes, making the adaptable Willamette Hops usable in a wide variety of beer styles, especially various ales, porters, and stouts. Despite relatively low yields and poor susceptibility to wilt and mildew, Willamette’s good storability and packability as well as its above average growth rate, have made it a go-to hop for many American brewers.


Typical Use: Aroma
Alpha Acid: 4-6%
Country: USA
Flavors: Floral, Earthy, Fruity, Spice
Styles: Wide variety including American Pale and Brown Ales, English-style Ales
Similar Hops: Fuggle, Tettnanger, Styrian Golding


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