Which Is Your Favorite Beer By Krauski’s Brewskis? 

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The Hoppy Brewer is dedicated to keepin’ it hoppin’ with our delicious beers and more! Gresham beer lovers of all sorts are sure to find something tasty when they visit The Hoppy Brewer. Of course, it’s not just beer lovers we cater to. In addition to our great beers, we carry delicious ciders and wines as well! Come on by and find out what your favorite drink at The Hoppy Brewer is! 

Do You Have A Favorite Krauski’s Brewskis Beer? 

Speaking of favorites, we know that many of our Gresham customers consider Krauski’s Brewskis to be a favorite option for beer! It’s no wonder, either. Krauski’s Brewskis, known as Gresham’s smallest brewery making Gresham’s biggest beers, has been serving Gresham delicious beers since 2010 – for over a decade now! But among this local favorite brand, which Krauski’s Brewskis stands out above the rest? Krauski’s Brewskis current offerings include: 

  • Powder Stash – an Imp. Pale with 6.8% alcohol and 54ibu 
  • Glissade – an IPA with 7.6% alcohol and 94ibu 
  • Strobilus Amarillus – an IPA with 7.6% alcohol and 67ibu 
  • Gun Barrel – an IIPA with 9.8% alcohol and 99ibu 
  • Plunge – an IIIPA with 12.4% alcohol and 104ibu 
  • Midnight Rye’dr – a CDA with 7.2% alcohol and 97ibu 
  • Poacher – an Imp. CDA with 12.4% alcohol and 100ibu 
  • and more! 

You can read the full list of Krauski’s Brewskis beers on The Hoppy Brewer Website. 

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