What’s the Difference Between Nitro Beer & CO2 Beer?

Hoppy Brewer_What’s the Difference Between Nitro Beer & CO2 Beer

You may have noticed your favorite taproom offering nitro beer but what does that mean? The majority of beers you encounter are carbonated with Carbon Dioxide (CO2). CO2 brightens up the body of the beer with bubbles that also contribute to aroma, bite, tartness but they also leave a carbonic bite on your tongue and sides of your mouth.

What’s the Difference Between Nitro Beer & CO2 Beer?

Nitrogen beers are beers that use a larger percentage of nitrogen in the carbonation process. The ratio is usually around 70 percent nitrogen to 30 percent carbon dioxide and those are the gases that carbonate the beer when they come out the draft. Nitrogen is not water soluble, so the nitro bubbles fall to the bottom of the glass while the CO2 rises causing the cascading effect.  When you drink a nitro beer you’ll notice a thicker and creamier head that you don’t get with a regular CO2 beer. What the nitrogenated beer is really known for is it’s very soft and persistent head and it winds up being very creamy because of the very small nitrogen bubbles.

Nitrogen really does give the consumer, the drinker, a totally different experience in drinking.

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