What’s Crush A Can Day? 


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Celebrate National Crush A Can Day With Beers From The Hoppy Brewer 

National Crush A Can Day is coming up soon on September 27th. If you’re planning on celebrating National Crush A Can Day, be sure to get some of your favorite canned beers from The Hoppy Brewer! We carry a wide variety of canned beers for you to enjoy. Just check out our list of beers to see what’s available! 

What’s National Crush A Can Day? 

National Crush A Can Day is a holiday that was invented to help educate people about the benefits of recycling. Did you know that by recycling aluminum cans you can save energy, reduce carbon monoxide emissions, and reduce the amount of waste heading to landfills? It’s true! 

Not to mention, crushing cans can be great fun. Stomp on them, hit them, crush them in your hands. It’s entertaining and it’s great for the environment! 

Celebrate National Crush A Can Day with your friends by ordering your favorite canned beers from The Hoppy Brewer! 

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