Vanguard Hops

Vanguard hops provide a clean, woody, and earthy aroma to your beer. Vanguard hops are perfect in any German style beer or hybrid styled beers like American Wheat. If you’re looking to buy Vanguard Hops for your next batch of beer you can pick them up at The Hoppy Brewer in Gresham. Learn more about Vanguard Hops below.

Origin and Description

Vanguard Hops was originally bred in 1982, but did not get released until 1997. That certainly makes you wonder how many varieties there are that have yet to see the open market. Exciting…Vanguard Hops is a cross between USDA 21285 and USDA 64037M. USDA 21285 was a bred in Parma, Idaho and is a cross between Hallertauer Mittelfrueh Hops X Open Pollination. The pedigree of 64037M Hops is unknown. According to the USDA archives, Vanguard Hops was tested by Anheuser Busch Inc. from 1994-1999.

Vanguard Hops is an aroma variety and carries similar acid characteristics as Hallertauer Mittelfrueh Hops. The alpha acid content in Vanguard is low ranging from 4.4%-6.0% with higher beta acid (6.0%-7.0%) and a staggering low co-humulone content at 14.0%-16.0%. This makes for very smooth and subtle bitter qualities in beer. Vanguard Hops comes equipped with higher than normal humulene oil, which itself is bound in woody and herbal character that produces a spicy essence over long boils in homebrew and craft beers. Vanguard is ripe for German-Style beers, but its application does not stop there. It is going to add to the aroma complexity for any number of ales, including Stouts and Imperial Stouts.

Vanguard Hops, like its lineage, is not a high yielding plant, and produces 1300-1700 lbs/acre. The cones are small to medium size and on the loose side. After tolerating Downy Mildew, Vanguard is harvested early in the season. Vanguard can be found in beers around the world, but is most widely used in the United States. Brewers are finding all kinds of uses for this noble type variety in beer….enjoy.

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