US Sterling Hops


US Sterling hops provide a spicy and herbal aroma as well as a lemony and slight pineapple flavor to your beer. These hops are great for Ales, Pilsner, and Lager styled beers. US Sterling hops are also commonly used in Witbier, American Wheat, and Czech Doppelbock beers. If you’re looking to buy US Sterling Hops for your next batch of beer you can pick them up at The Hoppy Brewer in Gresham. Learn about the origins of US Sterling Hops below.

Coming from a family of German aroma hops and open pollination, the Sterling hop was born in the U.S. as a replacement for the Saaz hop. Saaz is known agriculturally for its susceptibility to disease and fungus, of which the stronger Sterling is tolerant. Developed in the Northwest, this hop – an alternative to European hops – is a widely popular variety amongst American craft brewers.

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