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Happy Sour Beer Day From The Hoppy Brewer Team 

Did you know that September 20th is Sour Beer Day? It’s true! Today is the day to celebrate sour beers – a beer type that has risen steadily in popularity over the past few years. 

What Is A Sour Beer? 

The truth is that sour beer is an old style of beer. In fact, most beers were sour before we began to understand the process of pasteurization and sterilization. Sour beers today are made with certain wild bacteria and yeasts. How sour a sour beer is can range greatly, too. 

Why Is It Sour? 

Most of today’s sour beers are made with two types of bacteria and one type of wild yeast. 

Lactobacillus turns sugars into lactic acid and is the same bacteria that makes yogurt taste a bit sour too. Pediococcus, most often used in Belgian beers, is a bacteria that can metabolize without oxygen. The longer it’s in the beer, the more acidic the beer will become. Finally, the yeast most often used in sour beers today is called Brettanomyces. 

If you’ve never had a sour beer before, Sour Beer Day could be your reason to try something new! 

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