Try a Pint of Mango Daze | A Pale Ale On Tap


Silver Moon Brewing’s Mango Daze Pale Ale has a slightly sweet citrus and tropical mango flavor profile. With a 25 IBU and 6% ABV, this fruity session ale is perfect for summertime drinking! Don’t forget to bring your 64oz Growler or your 32oz Growlette and we will fill it with Mango Daze Pale Ale or another craft beer from current our tap list. Read Bend Chamber of Commerce’s announcement about the release of Mango Daze Pale Ale below.

“As a Distributor, we are looking for brands that are willing to move quickly to evolving trends, a good example of this is the explosion of Craft Beer in cans. Silver Moon was quick to market in the release of their beer in 6-pack cans, and with today’s launch of Mango Daze in cans they continue to offer terrific beers that are perfect flavor profiles for a can offering,” says Jeff Lyons, GM of Columbia Distributing for Central Oregon. In addition to cans, Silver Moon has rebranded their 22 ounce bottles in both the Lunar and Alpha Project series, which are already in stores. Chain store growth has continued to increase year over year and Silver Moon can now be found in select Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, Market of Choice stores, Costco, New Seasons, Plaid Pantry, Zupans, Beverages and More, Total Wine, and sixty-five additional Oregon Safeway and Albertsons stores throughout Oregon and Washington.

Noting California as their next stop, Lyons further commented, “With the incredible momentum and synergy Columbia Distributing and Silver Moon have collectively, we both felt it was perfect timing for territory expansion and with that, consumers will be able to find Silver Moon in Columbia Distributing’s
Santa Rosa Market.”

Silver Moon Brewing grew from 2000 barrels in 2015 to 4800 in 2016 and expects to increase to 10,000 or more in 2017. With a new 15,000 square foot facility in Redmond and the installment of several new tanks in the past year, plus the addition of an in-house canning line, Silver Moon is poised to support future demand and capacity as they grow into additional states.

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SRC: Click to read more about the release of Silver Moon Brewing’s Mango Daze.