The Patron Saint Of Beer  

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Gresham beer lovers are sure to find something to love when they visit The Hoppy Brewer. Our team’s passion for good beer has led us to provide a wide selection of beer for our fellow beer lovers here in Gresham. It’s not just beers we offer, either. Stop by and try our selection of beers, ciders, and wines! We’re certain you’ll find something you love. 

Who’s The Patron Saint Of Beer? 

Here at The Hoppy Brewer, our passion for beer extends beyond the drink itself. We also take interest in beer history and beer lore. Did you know that there is a European folk figure that some consider the Patron Saint of Beer? 

Although not an official saint, Gambrinus (sometimes called King Gambrinus) is a European culture hero who is sometimes attributed with the invention of beer and beer brewing. Some legends say he learned about beer brewing from the Egyptian gods Osiris and Isis. Other tales say he was gifted with this knowledge by the devil in a deal for his soul. The deal was later nullified when Gambrinus used a magical flute the devil had given him to force the devil to dance until he agreed to break their contract. 

Today, April 11th, is the day many agree to be this folk figure’s birthday! If you’d like to celebrate King Gambrinus Day by having a delicious beer, you know where to go to get great beer in Gresham. Come visit The Hoppy Brewer! 

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