The Equipment You Need for Bottling Beer

Do you want to start bottling your own beer but you’re not sure what you’ll need? Before you can bottle your beer you’ll need bottling equipment. If you’ve brewed a 5 gallon batch of beer you’ll need 48 – 12oz bottles or 26 – 22oz bottles. Always clean and sanitize your bottles and caps before you begin the bottling process. Brew, Bottle, and Enjoy.

Equipment Needed for Bottling

  • Bottle Filler ($3): This gadget makes filling bottles with homebrew much easier and less messy.
  • Butterfly Bottle Capper ($15): This is the easiest and least expensive kind of at-home bottle capper, and it works great. All you have to do is press the arms down to crimp a bottle cap around the lip of the bottle.
  • Bottle Caps ($5): You’ll need to use new, unused bottle caps for every batch of beer you bottle. Plain crown caps work just fine.
  • Beer Bottles ($12 for 24 bottles): Beer bottles can be used again and again, so keep them and use them as many times as you like! You’ll need about 10 (12-ounce) bottles, 6 (22-ounce) bottles, or 8 (16-ounce swing-top) bottles for a 1-gallon batch of beer. Make sure your bottles are all tinted brown — this protects the beer from UV rays. It’s also fine to reuse bottles saved from store-bought beer (just avoid any with twist-caps). If you buy swing-top bottles, be sure to buy ones that are designed to hold pressurized liquid (any bottles from a homebrewing store are fine; if you’re buying bottles from another source and can’t figure out if the bottles are OK or can’t find someone to ask, then assume the answer is “no”! Hint: IKEA swig-top bottles are not OK for bottling beer.)

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