Specialty Grains | German Pilsner Malt

Pilsner styled beers are the most popular in the world. Pilsners are very light in color with a light to medium body. Homebrewers looking to brew a hoppy, slightly malty beer with a clean flavor will enjoy a Pilsner. The Hoppy Brewer’s German Pilsner Malts are fully modified and suitable for single infusion mashing. Use up to 100% for lagers and pilsners, or as a base malt of all other lager styles of beer. Learn details about the different German Grain Malts below.

German Grain Malts

German Pale Malt (2 Row, Pilsner Malt) 1.8 L

A quality German two row malt. Produces a smooth, grainy flavor. Use in your finest German Lagers and Alt Beers.

Weizen – (Wheat Malt) ~ L

German Wheat malt is the perfect ingredient for Weiss, Weizen and Berl iner Weiss beers. Blended in proportions of 20 to 70% with pale malts, weizen malt is the perfect companion for German wheat strains for a full flavored, classic wheat beer.

Weiner – (Vienna Malt) 3 L

German Vienna is high in diastatic power, meaning you can use it as 100% of the total grist for a fuller, deeper malt flavor and aroma.

Munchener (Munich Malt) 6 L

A true Munich variety that has undergone higher kilning than the pale malt. German Munich still retains sufficient enzymes for 100% of the grist, or it can be used at the rate of 20 to 75 % of the total malt content in Lagers for its full, malty flavor and aroma.

Crystal – (Med. Caramel) 50 L

Use 3 to 20% of German Caramel malt to add color, sweetness and body to European lagers Viennas and Marzen/Oktoberfest lagers.

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SRC: Read more details about the different types of malt at: www.realbeer.com/jjpalmer/Malt101.html