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Simcoe hops provide an earthy, pine, and fruity aroma to your beer. These hops are commonly used in both India pale ales and American pale ales. Simcoe hops are dual-purpose and known for their diversity, complexity, and smooth bitterness. You can enjoy your very own pale ale beer this summer by starting your homebrew this spring. Find Simcoe hops and more homebrew supplies at The Hoppy Brewer in Downtown Gresham. Read more about Simcoe hops below.

Origin and Description

Simcoe Hops was released in 2000 by the Yakima Chief Ranch in Washington State. Its one of those hops that are closely associated with India Pale Ales, but its capacity does not stop there. Simcoe is used almost to obsession in varying ales, predominantly by American Craft Brewers. Its parents are unknown but is compared to Cascade Hops.

Simcoe Hops is a dual purpose hops with high bittering potential. The alpha acid content comes in at 12.0%-14.0% with a relatively low beta acid content of 4.0%-5.0%. The co-humulone for this variety is very low (among the lowest) at 12.0%-15.0%. In total this makes Simcoe a good choice for foundational type bittering in beer. Simcoe is also known for its aromatic qualities. And is described as both fruity and an herbal piney earthy fragrance. The myrcene oil content is a skyrocketing 60.0%-65.0% which is among the highest. And naturally this leaves the other oils at a deficit from the norm with the humulene oil content at 10.0%-15.0%, and the caryophyllene oil content at 5.0-%-8.0%. The aroma in Simcoe Hops is complex, and this is part of what explains its popularity with bold hop heavy ales.

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