Refreshing Watermelon Beer Recipe

Hoppy Brewer_Refreshing Watermelon Beer Recipe

Cool Off with this Watermelon Beer Recipe!

It’s August and the weather forecast is showing many hot summer days ahead! If you’re looking to keep cool with a refreshing beverage, try making this Watermelon Beer recipe. Taylor McBride’s Watermelon Beer recipe on Perpetually Hungry uses Shock Top’s Belgian White beer to create a remarkably refreshing beverage! Simply blend your watermelon until smooth, strain, chill, and pour over a glass of beer just before serving. Click to view Taylor’s full instructions to create this Watermelon Beer recipe. Cool off this summer with a glass of this refreshing watermelon beer in your favorite shady spot.

Watermelon Beer

1/4 watermelon, cut up into chunks
2-4 White Beers or Wheat Beers, I used Shock Top


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Source: Click to view the complete Watermelon Beer recipe.