Pelican Brewing Company Beer Event

The Pelican Brewing Company was founded in 1996 on the beach in Pacific City, Oregon. Over the last twenty years, Pelican Brewing has established themselves as a leader in the craft beer industry. Join The Hoppy Brewer in a Pelican Brewing event on Thursday, October 20th at 6:00pm and learn more about the Pelican Brewing Company below. 

Respect for Our Craft

We don’t put a lot of stock in fads. Authenticity and proven results are the traits we put at the top of our list, and we staff our breweries with people who share these same beliefs. Whether we’re searching out the perfect hops for an intriguing new seasonal or sourcing local seafood for our daily fresh sheet, we focus on paying attention to even the tiniest detail. And the outcome is definitely working. How else could we explain being recognized with over 300 prestigious beer and culinary awards?

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