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Palisade hops provide a heavy ‘pretty’ floral aroma with hints of grassy, earthy, and citrus tones. These hops are often used in Ale-styled beers as well as Imperial Stouts, Porters, and Lagers. Palisade hops provide a flavor of sweet nectar fruits and herbal characters to your homebrew. Find Palisade hops and homebrew supplies in Gresham at The Hoppy Brewer. Learn more about Palisade hops below.

Origin and Description

Palisade hops is a product of the Yakima Chief Ranch in the northwestern United States. The name Palisades means a strong wooden fence, literally, and is a cross between Tettnanger, and an American hops variety via open pollination. Palisade hops is also known as YCR-4 and marks yet another versatile hop variety from the Yakima Farm.

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