Northern Brewer Hops

Northern Brewer hops provide a crisp, moderately bitter, and slightly minty flavor to your beer. These hops are great for Bitter, Extra Special Bitter (ESB), and Steam Beers. Northern Brewer hops are also used in English Ales, German Lagers and Porters. If you’re looking to buy Northern Brewer Hops for your next batch of beer you can pick them up at The Hoppy Brewer in Gresham. Learn more about Northern Brewer Hops below.

Origin and Description

Northern Brewer hops grown in the U.S. shares a heritage with the German hops variety. In 1934 Northern Brewer was crossed with an American native hops variety. Northern Brewer faced a growth in acreage in the U.S. and today can be found in many commercial beers.

Northern Brewer is a dual use hops with an alpha acid rating of 8.0%-10.0%, which is a hair higher than its German counterpart. It is used in an array of beer styles from start to finish in the brewing process. The myrcene oil content is very high in the American variety. Myrcene provides a woody, herbaceous, and peppery blend to the aroma and character of the beer.

American Northern Brewer stores well, but is a relatively poor yielding variety for the U.S. The medium size, moderately compact hop cones are harvested early to mid season. Northern Brewer can be found in craft beers in every nook and cranny in the U.S. market. It is widely available and useful in many beer styles ranging from IPAs to Porters.

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