National Irish Coffee Day 

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National Irish Coffee Day Is Tomorrow! 

Did you know that January 25th marks National Irish Coffee Day? It’s true. Tomorrow celebrates the delicious drink that is traditionally made with black coffee, whiskey, sugar, and whipped cream.  

The History Of Irish Coffee 

As we know it, Irish Coffee was first created by a chef at Foynes Port near Limerick, Ireland. Foynes was an airport that, at the time, was a popular landing spot. Most often, planes landed in Foynes as a layover spot or refuel spot during long flights. Because travelers often spent a night in this village due to their layovers, many businesses, bars, and restaurants were made to accommodate those travelers. Joe Sheridan was a chef at one of the many Foynes restaurants. 

In the winter of 1943, one flight had to abandon its trip and return to Foynes. Joe wanted to give the passengers something warm and delicious to help them forget their disappointment. When one passenger asked if they were drinking Brazilian coffee, Joe responded, “No, that’s Irish Coffee.” Thus, Irish Coffee was born. 

Have yourself a delicious Irish Coffee tomorrow to celebrate, or else come have a drink with us at The Hoppy Brewer. 

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