National Hot Toddy Day 


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Tomorrow Is National Hot Toddy Day! 

Are you craving a festive drink that can warm you up? Do you want to snuggle up next to a fire with a delicious drink in hand? If so, then National Hot Toddy Day is your kind of holiday. National Hot Toddy Day is tomorrow – Tuesday, January 11th 

Hot Toddies can be made with a variety of different alcohols, but are usually made with rum, brandy, or whiskey. The drink is heated up in a kettle, and then honey, lemon water, and a cinnamon stick are added. This drink was created sometime in the 1700s by Scottish doctors to treat sore throats and congestion. 

The Hoppy Brewer team encourages Gresham locals who love Hot Toddies to take the time to celebrate with a delicious drink tomorrow. And remember, when it’s delicious beers you’re craving – whether on tap or in a bottle or can – you can find what you’re looking for at The Hoppy Brewer! 

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