National Drink Beer Day 

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The Hoppy Brewer Celebrates Good Beer With The People Of Gresham 

Do you love a good beer? Wish you didn’t have to leave town to get great drinks? Do you live in the Gresham area? Then you should be visiting The Hoppy Brewer for all your beer needs! The Hoppy Brewer offers a great selection of beers and more. Visit us today to see our selection of beersciders, and wines. 

National Drink Beer Day Is Tomorrow! 

Did you know there’s a holiday called “National Drink Beer Day?” Well, now you do! September 28th marks National Drink Beer Day – a holiday dedicated specifically to drinking beers! That’s the sort of holiday we can really get behind here at The Hoppy Brewer. 

Celebrate National Drink Beer Day With The Hoppy Brewer 

The best way to celebrate National Drink Beer Day is, of course, to drink beer. We encourage Gresham locals to partake in the wide selection of beers available here at The Hoppy Brewer. Between our beers on tap and our selection of canned and bottled beers, we have over 200 options for you to try! We’re sure we have something for all beer lovers here in Gresham. 

Try Making Your Own Beer For National Drink Beer Day 

Want to try something a little more hands-on? Why not try brewing your own beer for National Drink Beer Day? The Hoppy Brewer has all the homebrew supplies you need to get started – whether you’re a homebrew newbie or an expert! 

Enjoy The Hoppy Brewer’s Craft Beer And More 

The Hoppy Brewer is your one-stop shop for homebrew supplies, equipment, and ingredients. Find hops, barley, yeast, kegs, homebrew equipment, kegging equipment, a beer-making kit, and even books on home brewing and beer recipes. Browse our Grains here. 

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