National American Beer Day Is Soon 

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No matter if you’re making weekend plans, trying to get through a tough Monday, or need to get past that middle-of-the-week hump day, The Hoppy Brewer team is here for you. Gresham locals know that The Hoppy Brewer always has the best in beers and more! Don’t just take our word for it if you haven’t tried our drinks, though. Stop by and try our tasty beersciders, and wines yourself. We’re sure we have something you’ll love. 

National American Beer Day Is Around The Corner 

In less than a week, it’ll be National American Beer Day – a day dedicated to celebrating good ol’ American beers! October 27th is the date for those who are interested in making plans to celebrate National American Beer Day.  

Celebrating Beer Making History In The U.S. 

Beer-making in the U.S. started, like many things in America did, with the indigenous people of our country. Native Americans used corn, birch sap, and water to ferment their drinks, making this the earliest form of beer making in the U.S. Brewing was also one of the first occupations among colonists when they made their way to America’s shores. 

Celebrate National American Beer Day With The Hoppy Brewer 

Beer-making is a long, proud tradition in our country. What better way to celebrate than grabbing a beer with some friends here at The Hoppy Brewer? We offer a wide range of beers – including Krauski’s Brewskis, which is brewed right here on site. We look forward to seeing you on National American Beer Day! 

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