Monday Night Football, Fremont Brewing Beer Tasting & Live Bluegrass Music

Hoppy_Brewer_Monday Night Football, Fremont Brewing Beer Tasting Event & Live Bluegrass Music

? WATCH MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL AT HOPPYS! ? Join us at The Hoppy Brewer tonight for a beer and some football as the New Orleans Saints play against the Carolina Panthers at 5:15 PM. Looking for a different football game? If we don’t have live music playing, we’ll put the game of your choosing up on the TV for you. Looking for CO2 refills near you? Good news, Hoppy’s now offers CO2 tank refills for homebrewers. Don’t forget to bring your 64oz growler or your 32oz growlette for a refill. With 28 rotating craft beers on tap, you’ll always find the right brew for you!

Gresham Mashers HBC Meeting | Wednesday, December 19th

Join the Gresham Mashers Homebrew Club monthly meeting to discuss homebrewing techniques, share beer recipes, and explore different hard cider or soda crafting methods. We invite you to bring a bottle of your homebrewed concoction and join the Gresham Masher Club meeting from 7 PM to 9 PM at The Hoppy Brewer in downtown Gresham.

Beer Tasting Event Featuring Fremont Brewing | Thursday, December 20th

Don’t miss our Fremont Brewing Beer Tasting Event this week! Fremont Brewing is a family-owned craft brewery that brews artisan beers made with the best local ingredients they can find. Join our Fremont Brewing beer tasting event from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM.

Beer Tasting Event Featuring Bob Voll | Thursday, December 20th

Join us for classic rock music with a twist from Bob Voll during our Fremont Brewing Beer Tasting Event. You won’t want to miss Bob Voll, founder of the Too Loose band, performing live guitar and vocals from 6 PM to 9 PM.

Live Music Featuring JT Wise Band | Friday, December 21st

Come down to Hoppy’s for live music featuring Portland’s own JT Wise Band for a unique blend of rock, blues, and Americana. We can’t wait to jam with you this Friday night from 6 PM to 9PM. Get a sneak peek of the JT Wise Band performing “Danford Balch” below.


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