Mikey Sunshine Berliner Weisse | Beer Recipe


The Mikey Sunshine Berliner Weisse was awarded first place at the Homebrew Alley 6 competition for the sour ales category in 2012. This Berliner Weisse styled recipe was created by brewers Jonathan Moxey and Jason Rodriguez. If you’re looking for a fruity, tart and highly effervescent beer you’ll enjoy this Mikey Sunshine Berliner Weisse brew on any hot summer day!

All-grain recipe, 5.5-gallon batch size
Original gravity: 1.035
Final gravity: 1.005
Bitterness: 5 IBU
Alcohol by volume: 4 percent

3.5 pounds German pilsner malt
3.5 pounds German white-wheat malt
0.5 pounds rice hulls
0.75 ounce whole-leaf Hallertauer hops (6.5 percent AA), added during decoction
1 pack rehydrated US-05 dry yeast and 2 packs of Lactobacillus (I used Wyeast 5335)

Mash at 149 degrees F for 45 minutes. Pull 3.5-quart decoction (thickest part of the mash) and bring to boil with hops for 15 minutes. Add back to mash, recirculate, and sparge. Then move directly to carboy.

Yeast-pitching procedure: Pitched the yeast and the lactobacillus at the same time. I probably added 60 seconds of pure O2.

Fermentation: I fermented in the mid-70s F. No temp control, just ambient apartment temp

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SRC: Click to read the Brewer’s Note for this Mikey Sunshine Berliner Weisse beer recipe.