Melvin Brewing Tasting Event & Live Music

Hoppy_Brewer_Melvin Brewing Tasting Event & Live Music

It’s about that time of day to relax and cool off with an ice-cold beer! Hoppy’s is the best spot in Gresham to sit back, relax, and cool-off from the hot summer heat! Choose to hang out under our 1,000-square-foot covered outdoor beer garden or inside our cozy taproom where we always have 28 rotating craft beers on tap. Don’t forget to bring your 64oz growler or your 32oz growlette for a refill. Looking for CO2 refills near you? Good news, you can get CO2 refills at The Hoppy Brewer, too!

Beer Tasting Event Featuring Melvin Brewing | Thursday, July 11th

Don’t miss our Melvin Brewing Beer Tasting Event! Melvin Brewing started in the back of a Thai restaurant on a 20-gallon system in 2010 and upgraded to a 100-gallon system in 2011. Now they brew on a 30-barrel system with big shiny tanks and centrifuges and things. Try a pint of Melvin Brewing during our beer tasting event this Thursday from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM.

Live Music Featuring Plutons Organ Trio | Saturday, July 13th

Join us for a night of funky soul music featuring the Plutons. The Plutons are a trio of musicians including Justin on the drums, Jason on the guitar, and Chris jamming out on the organ and clavinet. Come enjoy a pint of cold beer in our taproom or our outdoor beer garden while listening to the Plutons Organ Trio this Saturday night from 6 PM to 9 PM!

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Visit the Hoppy Brewer’s taproom in Gresham, OR, featuring 28 rotating craft beers on tap. Enjoy a pint of beer in our taproom, outdoor beer garden, or fill a growler to go.