Love Mead? Try Redstone Meadery’s Black Raspberry Nectar!

Hoppy Brewer_Love Mead-Try Redstone Meaderys Black Raspberry Nectar

Redstone Meadery’s Black Raspberry Nectar was their very first mead and to this day their most popular. At 8% alcohol this Melomel styled mead is light on the nose with lovely carbonation, clarity and color! For a fantastic mead you’ll want to try this Black Raspberry Nectar for it’s pleasing raspberry taste with just a hint of honey, bitter highlights and a limited hang time. Don’t forget to bring your 64oz Growler or your 32oz Growlette in to fill with delicious mead, craft beer or cider from our current tap list. Read Beer & Brewing’s review of this Black Raspberry Nectar below.

Overall: “Easy drinking mead. This is a crisp, clean mead with a light berry fruitiness—black cherry and raspberry notes dominate. Wonderful fruit expression, could use a touch more honey, but very well made for a session mead. Very easy to drink and well balanced. Fruity esters and light carbonation really bring this together.”

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