Krauski’s Brewskis: Gresham Beer For Gresham Locals 

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Drink Krauski’s Brewskis At The Hoppy Brewer 

The Hoppy Brewer team takes great pride in being part of the Gresham community. That’s why we’re also proud to be home to a distinctly Gresham beer brew – Krauski’s Brewskis! Krauski’s Brewskis is Gresham’s smallest brewery making Gresham’s biggest beers! Gresham local Steve Krause opened The Hoppy Brewer in 2012 when he was tired of venturing to Portland just to get what he needed to brew beer. Now, Krause brews and sells one of the Gresham favorite Krauski’s Brewskis beers right here at The Hoppy Brewer! 

Try One Of Krauski’s Brewskis 14 Flavors At The Hoppy Brewer 

Krauski’s Brewski has 14 delicious flavors to choose from, including the following: 

  • Powder Stash – Imp. Pale • 6.8% • 54ibu 
  • Glissade – IPA • 7.6% • 94ibu 
  • Strobilus Amarillus – IPA • 7.6% • 67ibu 
  • Gun Barrel – IIPA • 9.8% • 99ibu 
  • Plunge – IIIPA • 12.4% • 104ibu 
  • Midnight Rye’dr – CDA • 7.2% • 97ibu 
  • Poacher – Imp. CDA • 12.4% • 100ibu 
  • Bushwhacker – Barleywine • 11.7% • 71ibu 
  • X Stout – Imp. Stout • 9.6% • 55ibu 
  • Winter’s Splendor – Winters warmer • 7.9% • 69ibu 
  • Sunrise Surprise – Mosaic IPA • 6.8% • 62ibu 
  • Alpenfest – Marzen • 6.4% • 28ibu 
  • Fresh Stash – Cascade Wet Hop • 6.8% • 54ibu 
  • Fiesta Cervesa – Mexican Ale • 5% • 13ibu 

Stop by today and see what Krauski’s Brewski’s we’re brewing up now! 

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