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Kegs are perfect for any party!

The Hoppy Brewer works with 6 distributors as well as with self-distributing breweries so getting the beer you want when you want it is no problem (no guarantees). Prices vary depending on keg size and style of beer. Our kegs come in several sizes. View our keg chart below to find the size that fits your needs.

When deciding on keg size, figure the number of adult beer drinkers coming to your event, NOT the number of people coming to your event. In addition to the price of the keg, there is also a $30 REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT. We also rent buckets and party taps, too. Call us at 503.328.8474 to order a keg today.


Call The Hoppy Brewer at 503.328.8474 to order a keg today.