Join Our Three Creeks Beer Tasting Event


Three Creeks Brewing started in the small town of Sisters, Oregon. The brewery at Three Creeks has grown into a 30 barrel system where they brew some good old-fashion craft beers. Join The Hoppy Brewer in a Three Creeks beer tasting event, Thursday, February 23rd from 6:00 pm8:00 pm. Learn about the ingredients used in Three Creeks Brewing below.

What goes in a beer and how it’s made
matters a whole lot to us.

We know, every brewery claims they use only the finest ingredients. But for us, there’s no compromise. None. Call us old-school, but we take it personally and our integrity is on the line.

And if you’re like us, tasting and seeing is believing. So, come on by and we’ll show you. We really do use only the finest ingredients to brew our beers, the best malts from around the world, Oregon famed hops right out our doorstep, and the most crystal-clear water you’ll ever taste from our own Cascade Mountains.

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SRC: Click to learn more about Three Creeks Brewing.