India Pale Ale | Beer Recipe

Brew your very own batch of this India Pale Ale, 1st round winner of the 2012 National Homebrew Competition in the India Pale Ale category. This American style IPA recipe was created by a brewer named Fritz Fernow. If you enjoy a highly bitter and golden IPA you won’t want to miss out on this award winning India Pale Ale recipe.

All-grain recipe, 6-gallon batch size
Original gravity: 1.062
Final gravity: 1.012
Bitterness: About 80 IBU
Alcohol by volume:: 6.7 percent

12 pounds two-row malt
1 pounds Simpsons Caramalt
8 ounces Carapils
4 ounces Red Wheat
.5 ounces Citra hops (11 percent AA), first wort hop
.5 ounces Magnum hops (14 percent AA), 60 minutes
.75 ounces Chinook hops (12 percent AA), 60 minutes
.5 ounces Centennial hops (10.5 percent AA), 20 minutes
1 ounce Citra hops (11 percent AA), 10 minutes
1 ounce Columbus hops (15 percent AA), 5 minutes
2 ounces Amarillo hops (7.5 percent AA), 1 minute
1 ounce Amarillo hops, 1 ounce Centennial Hops, .5 ounce Simco Hops—primary dry hop
1 ounce Citra hops—secondary dry hop
Whirlfloc and 1 teaspoon Wyeast nutrient, 10 minutes.
White Labs 001 California Ale Yeast

Mash for 60 minutes at 152 degrees F. Add the first-wort Citra hops addition to the boil kettle before the boil begins and begin heating the wort as soon as an inch or so of wort is collected in the kettle, continuing to run off the rest of the mash until full volume is reached.

Fermentation and dry-hopping procedure:Make a 1600-milliliter starter created 24 hours in advance of brew day. Pitch yeast at 66 degrees F and maintain. Aerate with pure O2 for 45 seconds. Begin the dry hop after three to four days of fermentation. Add the primary dry-hop addition to the fermentation vessel and let rest for a week. When fermentation stops, do a dactyl rest by raising temperatures three to four degrees for two days. Transfer the beer off the dry hops and into a new vessel one full week after they were added. In this secondary vessel add ounce of Citra and let rest for once week before kegging or bottling.

Brewer’s notes: For dry hopping and aroma hops you need to be fearless—the more the merrier. I like to ferment IPAs in a bucket as opposed to my standard carboy for ease of dry hopping. The first round of dry hopping gets 2.5 ounces of hops. I do this by boiling a hop bag and 3 ounces of marbles for 10 minutes to sanitize them, and then add the 2.5 ounces of hops—take the lid of the bucket and toss them in. In the morning I will give the carboy a slight back-and-forth rock for about 15 seconds to get the hops mixed into the beer well. I will repeat at night when I get home from work.

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