How To Select The Right Keg

Hoppy_Brewer_How To Select The Right Keg

Make your next gathering a real party with a keg! Kegs are perfect for football parties, college keg parties, holidays, and just about any event you want to celebrate with friends and lots of beer! Keep us in mind next time you’re planning a party or event and want to order a keg.

Keg prices vary depending on the keg size and style of beer. Our kegs come in several sizes. When deciding on a keg size, figure the number of adult beer drinkers coming to your event, NOT the number of people coming to your event. Learn more about selecting the right keg below.

The hardest part about serving keg beer is ensuring that you can finish the whole thing in a couple days (while keeping the keg cold the whole time). There are a few sizes of craft kegs available; the most common are the full-sized 15-gallon “half barrel” kegs. These should cost you between $125 and $200 depending on the brewery, and you’ll net about 120 pints (or 160 12-ounce servings). More manageable is the “sixtel” keg — the long and skinny kegs popular with craft and home brewers alike. These run between $70 and $120, and you’ll get around 40 pints (or 55 12-ounce servings) from one.

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