Gift Ideas: Joys of Home Brewing Book


Joys of Home Brewing Book: A Perfect Gift for Beer Lovers

Need to find someone a perfect gift for the holidays? No matter what type of beer personality you’re shopping for The Hoppy Brewer has great gift options for the beer enthusiast in your life. Sure, you could get them their favorite beer but why do that when you could go above and beyond by gifting them something that will create lasting memories! Learn about the Joys of Home Brewing Book below.

Joys of Home Brewing Book

Charlie Papazian, master brewer and founder and president of the American Homebrewer’s Association and Association of Brewers, presents a fully revised edition of his essential guide to homebrewing. This third edition of the best-selling and most trusted homebrewing guide includes a complete update of all instructions, recipes, charts, and guidelines. Everything you need to get started is here, including classic and new recipes for brewing stouts, ales, lagers, pilseners, porters, specialty beers, and honey meads.

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