Get Your Favorite Beers At The Hoppy Brewer 

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Great Beers Available Right Here In Gresham 

Where can you go to unwind on the weekend? Where can you find great beers here in Gresham? The answer to both these questions is, of course, The Hoppy Brewer! The Hoppy Brewer team strives to make sure that Gresham locals have access to great drinks. We have delicious beersciders, and wines waiting for you. Visit us soon! 

Beers On Tap 

Our Gresham regulars know that they can always expect something fresh on our beers on tap list. We rotate beers on and off the tap list throughout the year, ensuring our Gresham customers can always look forward to something new. Some of the beers we have available on tap most recently include Fridge Art by StormBreaker Brewing, Pallet Jack IPA™ by Barley Brown’s Beer, and Weihenstephaner Festbier Festbier by Bayerische Staatsbrauerei Weihenstephan. 

Other Beers We Offer 

Of course, our tap list doesn’t include all of the beers we have to offer. We carry a wide range of canned and bottled beers as well. In fact, we carry over 150 options for canned and bottled beers. Some of the beers we currently offer are 2 x Thor by Melvin, 3 Way IPA by Fort George Brewing, and 805 Blonde Cans by Firestone Walker Brewing Co. 

Locally Brewed Beers 

Interested in supporting a local brewer? The Hoppy Brewer is also home to Krauski’s Brewskis – Gresham’s smallest brewery. If you pay attention to the Brewer names on our tap list, you’ve likely noticed Krauski’s Brewskis is there. All Krauski’s Brewskis beer is brewed right here at The Hoppy Brewer. Look for Krauski’s Brewskis when you want to try delicious local beer! 

Enjoy The Hoppy Brewer’s Craft Beer And More 

The Hoppy Brewer is your one-stop-shop for homebrew supplies, equipment, and ingredients. Find hops, barley, yeast, kegs, homebrew equipment, kegging equipment, a beer making kit, and even books on home brewing and beer recipes. Browse our Grains here. 

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