Fresh Hop Beer On Tap in Gresham

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Summer is transitioning to fall in the Pacific Northwest which means the end of hops season. In the brewing industry, this is a very exciting time of year because it is the only time when fresh hops are available to brew a batch of wet-hopped (also called fresh-hopped) beer. Typically, hops are dried and stored until brew time. In recent years, fresh hop beers have become increasingly popular in the brewing industry. Click to learn more about brewing with fresh wet hops.

When drinking a craft beer conditioned with wet, uncured hops you’ll notice a fresh, green, herb-like flavor. The fresh green aroma and flavor comes from the wet hops that went directly from harvest to brewing kettle. With the hop harvest complete, it is now time to taste these vibrant, hoppy brews fresh from the tap.

Where to find fresh hop beer in Gresham?

You can find fresh hop beers on tap at The Hoppy Brewer in Gresham. Come enjoy a cold pint of fresh hop beer under our covered outdoor patio or in our cozy taproom in Downtown Gresham before they’re all gone! Don’t forget to bring your 64oz growler or your 32oz growlette for a refill.

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