Ever Tried A Beer Advent Calendar?

beer advent holiday calendar

The Hoppy Brewer Keeps The Good Beer Flowing In Gresham 

Gresham locals know that when it comes to delicious beers in the Gresham area, The Hoppy Brewer is the place to be. We’re proud to serve our Gresham and we make sure to have drinks to suit all tastes. You won’t be disappointed when you see our selection of beers, ciders, and wines. We’d love to see you down here at The Hoppy Brewer this week! 

Do You Miss Advent Calendars From Your Childhood? 

Did your parents ever give you an advent calendar as a child? Did you enjoy opening each little compartment to be rewarded with a sweet treat in the lead up to Christmas? What if you could recreate that feeling as an adult? 

Try A Beer Advent Calendar 

While we’re a little late, perhaps, to start an Advent Calendar this year, The Hoppy Brewer team has a suggestion for all those Gresham beer lovers who miss the anticipation and rewards that Advent calendars give: try a beer Advent calendar! 

That’s right, there are plenty of adults who feel the same way as you – who want the enjoyment of an Advent calendar, but updated for their current interests. You can make a whole Advent calendar with beer! There are even stands that can hold one beer for each day in the Advent calendar. 

Try A Homebrew Beer Advent Calendar 

Do you like to make your own beer? Make yourself a homebrew beer Advent Calendar. You could even supply your friends and loved ones with samples of your homebrew beer for their own Advent calendars. And hey – we won’t tell if you start your Advent calendar a bit late. Try it this year, or get started planning for next year. 

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