Enjoy Our Heated Outdoor Patio 

The Hoppy Brewer_Beer Garden always warm and dry

Don’t Miss Out On Good Beer And More At The Hoppy Brewer 

The team at The Hoppy Brewer is eager to provide Gresham with all of the best. Our passion for good drinks makes us seek out the best in beerswines, or ciders so we can bring them to the people of Gresham. Our lists of drinks regularly update so be sure to check them frequently, and come visit The Hoppy Brewer when you see a drink that suits your fancy! 

Enjoy The Hoppy Brewer’s Heated Outdoor Patio 

The weather may be turning cooler, but that doesn’t mean you can’t continue to enjoy the open at The Hoppy Brewer’s outdoor patio. Our outdoor patio is heated to keep our Gresham customers warm through all the fall and winter. Sit outside with your friends, enjoying the open air, good company, and good drinks.  

Outdoor Seating Is Safe And Social Distanced 

As with all our tables, the tables in our outdoor patio are placed far enough apart to aid with social distancing. It is important to note that sitting outside is safer than sitting inside when it comes to the spread of airborne viruses such as the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Indoors, in an enclosed space, there is more chance for the virus to spread from person to person. When you sit outside, wear your mask, and practice proper social distancing, the risk is lowered dramatically. Let us all continue to work together to keep each other safe and prevent the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). 

Enjoy The Hoppy Brewer’s Craft Beer And More 

The Hoppy Brewer is your one-stop-shop for homebrew supplies, equipment, and ingredients. Find hops, barley, yeast, kegs, homebrew equipment, kegging equipment, a beer making kit, and even books on home brewing and beer recipes. Browse our Grains here