Enjoy a Pint of Pinchy Jeek Barl Ale | Pumpkin Beer On Tap

Hoppy Brewer_Enjoy a Pint of Pinchy Jeek Barl Ale_Pumpkin Beer On Tap

Pinchy Jeek Barl is a bourbon barrel-aged pumpkin ale brewed by the Anderson Valley Brewing Company. With 8.5% ABV, this pumpkin ale is pleasantly creamy with a silky body and sweet caramel flavor. Pinchy Jeek Barl is aged in Wild Turkey® barrels for 6 months, creating notes of coconut, vanilla, and oak to compliment the tang of the spices and a hint of hops, all wrapped in a smooth, round finish. Come enjoy a pint of this pumpkin ale while it’s available on tap. It won’t last long so be sure to bring in your 64oz Growler or 32oz Growlette for a fill!

Learn the story behind Anderson Valley Brewing’s collaboration with Wild Turkey® in the video below:


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