Enjoy a Pint of Lemon Zest Farmhouse Ale at Hoppy’s

Enjoy a Pint of Lemon Zest Farmhouse Ale at Hoppy’s

Lemon Zest Farmhouse Ale brewed by pFriem Family Brewers is a refreshing seasonal spring ale made with lemon zest. At 6.2% alcohol and 29 IBU this farmhouse ale has a zesty lemon, orange, and apricot flavor while providing a creamy yet tart finish. Don’t forget to bring your 64oz Growler or your 32oz Growlette in to fill with this delicious farmhouse ale, craft beer or cider from our current tap list. Learn more about the history of pFriem’s Farmhouse Ales below.


Saisons are also known as Farmhouse styles of beer. Most of them are found in the Wallonia region of Belgium, located in the Southwestern part of the country. The Wallonia region is known for farming. In the early to mind 20th century farmers would hire on Saisoners (farm hands) for the summer months. During the winters the farm owners would brew beer on the farms called Saison. They would brew stronger beer in the winter and brew beer very low in alcohol summer for the Saisoners. The beer was 2.5-3.5% and the saisoners would drink up to 20 liters a day. The Saisons, whether modest or strong in alcohol are known for being tart, a little funky, light on the palate, dry, fruity, spicy, complex and very quaffable.

pFriem’s Farmhouse Ale pays homage to Saisons that were brewed in the winter for the family and friends of the farmers. These beers would last longer and age better than little beers brewed in the summer months.

We built a traditional Farmhouse Ale base and infused it with Lemon Zest. The Lemon Zest gives this beer a bright, fresh lemon flavor that is balanced by the earthy and fruity base. Super refreshing and fun!


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