Cold Beers At The Hoppy Brewer 

The Hoppy Brewer Has A Beer For Every Gresham Beer Lover 

Local beer lovers here in Gresham know that the team at The Hoppy Brewer shares their passion for great beer. That’s why we want to make sure that every Gresham beer lover has something to enjoy here at The Hoppy Brewer! Stop by and try our wide selection of beers tonight – or try a little something different and choose something from our selection of wines and ciders.  

Are You Ready For A Nice, Cold Beer? 

When you’ve had a long day, when you have something to celebrate, or when you’re just ready to have a good time with friends – nothing hits quite as nice as a nice, cold beer. No one understands that feeling better than the team at The Hoppy Brewer – which is why we make sure to serve a wide selection of beers! 

Canned And Bottled Beers 

Of course, Gresham beer lovers are welcome to choose anything from our selection of canned and bottled beers. We’re always looking for new beers to add to our selection! Here are some of the beers we currently offer: 

Canned Beers 

  • 2 x Thor by Melvin 
  • Ablis Lemon Ginger Cans by Ablis 
  • Bavarian Lager by Goodlife Brewing 

Bottled Beers 

  • All Day IPA Cans by Founders Brewing 
  • BBB Reserve Series by Epic 
  • Bigfoot Barleywine by Sierra Nevada Brewing Co 

Beers On Tap 

Canned and bottled beers aren’t all we have to offer, though – we also have a great selection of beers on tap here at The Hoppy Brewer! A few of the beers we currently have available on tap include: 

  • Sunny Little Thing by Sierra Nevada Brewing Co 
  • Crash & Burn IPA – Boneyard Beer
  • Forest For the Pines by Krauski’s Brewskis 

This is just a small taste of the beers we have available at The Hoppy Brewer now! Stop by soon. 

Enjoy The Hoppy Brewer’s Craft Beer And More 

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