Celebrate St. Arnold’s Day With The Hoppy Brewer 


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Where do the people of Gresham go when they crave tasty beer? They go to The Hoppy Brewer, of course! We are passionate about providing good beer to local Gresham beer lovers. We’re sure that Gresham locals will love not only our selection of beers but also our selection of ciders and wines as well! 

St. Arnold’s Day Is July 18th 

You know how much we love beer and beer trivia here at The Hoppy Brewer, so when we learned the legend of St. Arnold, we simply had to share it! Legend has it that after his passing, St. Arnold’s parishioners traveled to recover his remain for his burial ceremony. It was hot and these travelers didn’t have enough water to keep cool on their journey. The travelers prayed to St. Arnold to give them what they lacked, and their nearly empty beer barrel was found miraculously refilled! They were able to finish their journey and even enjoy a little leftover beer after it was all over. 

The Hoppy Brewer Provides Gresham With Delicious Beer 

When The Hoppy Brewer was opened here in Gresham, it was in hopes of providing something that Gresham then lacked – our own local tap room and brew supply. Now, Gresham locals don’t have to make the trek outside of Gresham just to find great beers. In fact, The Hoppy Brewer even makes great local beers, such as our well-loved Krauski’s Brewskis. Stop by today and get your favorite beer from The Hoppy Brewer! 

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