In 1988, May 7th was announced before Congress as National Homebrew Day. The American Homebrewers Association (AHA) created AHA Big Brew as an annual event to celebrate National Homebrew Day around the world. AHA Big Brew is held each year on the first Saturday in May.

Hoppy Brewer with the Gresham Mashers Club is celebrating National Brew Day on Saturday, May 5th. We will start the morning around 8am with a 30-gallon mash and split 5-6 gallons of wort with local homebrewers to brew some of the tastiest beer in Gresham.

We expect 10-15 homebrewers. Join us at The Hoppy Brewer to join other homebrewers do their stuff. If you have never seen the home brewing process this is a great way to get engaged.

After the brew day, it will take 2-3 weeks to ferment and another week for bottle conditioning. We plan on doing tastings at the next Gresham Mashers event on June 20th.

So come watch us brew on May 25th and come back for the tasting on June 20th.

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Gresham Mashers Big Brew at The Hoppy Brewer