Celebrate Happy Hour Day! 

The Hoppy Brewer Wishes You Happy Drinking 

Nothing brings joy to the team at The Hoppy Brewer like seeing our Gresham customers enjoying a good beer. We’re happy to share our passion for good beer with local Gresham beer lovers. Next time you’re ready to unwind after a long day or have a good time with friends, stop by The Hoppy Brewer. We have a wide selection of beersciders, and wines for everyone to enjoy. 

Happy Hour Day Is Today! 

Did you know that there’s a holiday called Happy Hour Day? It’s true! Today is a day dedicated to celebrating the happy hour at your favorite local bar or taproom. Gresham locals are welcome to come celebrate at The Hoppy Brewer! 

When Did Happy Hour Start? 

While happy hours are a common phenomenon today, it wasn’t always the case. As we know them now, happy hours actually started during the Mexican-American war. Reporters in need of something interesting to write when there was no fighting to write about reported on the morale-boosting happy hours that took place on ships like the U.S.S. Arkansas. These happy hours would include boxing matches and dancing to lift the sailors’ spirits. Although alcohol had actually been banned from naval vessels since 1899, it’s likely that sailors snuck booze on board their vessels. 

Come And Boost Your Morale At The Hoppy Brewer 

If you need your spirits lifted to get through a hard day, stop by The Hoppy Brewer! We’re eager to provide the people of Gresham with the best in beers and more.  

Enjoy The Hoppy Brewer’s Craft Beer And More 

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