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Where do you go in Gresham for delicious beer? The Hoppy Brewer should be among your first choices for delicious beer in Gresham! We make sure to offer beers that any of our Gresham locals would enjoy. Just stop by for yourself and have a taste! Not a big fan of beer? Don’t worry! The Hoppy Brewer team accounts for all tastes on behalf of our Gresham customers. We also carry delicious ciders and wines! 

National Beer Pong Day – May 1st, 2021 

National Beer Pong Day is the first Saturday in May and this year, the holiday falls on the 1st! What started as a family celebration in 2006 has become a holiday enjoyed across the country. But how did beer pong even start? 

Did you know that beer pong is based on a pingponglike game called Beirut? This game called for players to hit a ping-pong ball into cups using a paddle. The city of Boston is commonly credited for the adaptation of Beirut into the game of Beer Pong as we know it today. This adaptation occurred sometime in the 60s or 70s, when the game, ping-pong, and beers were all very popular in the Boston area. At the time, the popularity of basketball was on the increase as well and the Boston Celtics were at the top of their game. This is possibly the reason that the paddles were ultimately discarded for Beer Pong. 

Celebrate Beer Pong Day with your favorite beers from The Hoppy Brewer! Order beers to-go and set up your own game at home! 

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