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Bullion is a brilliant bittering hop with a strong zesty aroma. These hops are often used in Stouts, Porter, and Scotch ales but is also used in IPA’s and Bitters. Bullion hops provide flavors of dark fruit and elements of spice arising from its use as a mid to late addition. Get your Bullion hops and other homebrew supplies in Gresham at The Hoppy Brewer. Learn details about Bullion hops below.

Origin and Description

Bullion hops is a sibling to Brewer’s Gold and was a seed collected off a female plant taken from a wild variety from Morden, Manitoba. It was open pollination that gave rise to this abundantly bitter hop variety that sprung in the year 1919. Bullion hops has been dubbed the first super alpha hops and deservedly so, as it has a skyrocketing 8%-12.9% alpha acid rating.

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