Top 11 Krauski’s Brewskis Beers You Must Try at The Hoppy Brewer 

Hey there, beer enthusiasts! The Hoppy Brewer is excited to showcase our top eleven picks from the amazing Krauski’s Brewskis Brewery. Known for their innovative and delicious brews, Krauski’s Brewskis […]

Cider Showdown: The Hoppy Brewer’s Triple Threat 

Cans, Bottles, or Taps: The Cider Conundrum  Just like beer, cider lovers often find themselves facing a tough decision: should they enjoy their favorite cider from a can, a bottle, […]

Battle of the Brews: Can vs. Bottle vs. Tap 

Bottles, Cans, or Taps: Which Brew Reigns Supreme?  When it comes to enjoying a cold one, beer enthusiasts often find themselves faced with a tough decision: should they crack open […]

June Jamboree at The Hoppy Brewer: Music, Brews, and Good Times! 

Hey there, beer buddies and music mavens! Get ready to kick off summer in style with a jam-packed lineup of events at The Hoppy Brewer. We’ve got live music, beer […]

Get Ready to Dance: FiddleSchtix Live at Hoppy Brewer! 

  Get your cowboy boots ready and your dancing shoes on because FiddleSchtix is coming to town! Join us at the Hoppy Brewer on June 1st from 6:00 pm to […]

Celebrating 13 Years of Brews, Music, and Memories at Hoppy Brewer! 

It’s time to raise a glass and toast to 13 incredible years at the Hoppy Brewer! Since opening our doors in Gresham, Oregon, we’ve been on a mission to bring […]

Jam-Packed May at Hoppy Brewer: Live Music, Craft Beer, and More! 

  Welcome back to the Hoppy Brewer, where the beer flows and the music never stops! As we dive deeper into May, we’re keeping the party going with our weekly […]

May Madness at Hoppy Brewer: A Brew-tiful Month of Music and Events! 

Welcome, beer enthusiasts and music lovers, to the Hoppy Brewer! As May blossoms into full swing, we’ve lined up an exciting array of events to kick off your summer vibes. […]

Cider Event In Gresham At The Hoppy Brewer 

Gresham Beer Lovers Choose The Hoppy Brewer  What can Gresham beer lovers expect to find at The Hoppy Brewer? Our team is passionate about good beer – which is why […]

New Ciders In Gresham At The Hoppy Brewer 

Great Beers And Ciders In Gresham At The Hoppy Brewer  The team at The Hoppy Brewer shares your passion for good beers in Gresham and good ciders in Gresham – […]

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