Must be 21+ with a valid ID



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MUST Be 21 or Over with a valid ID and cannot be intoxicated to order, pay, and NOT be intoxicated to receive alcohol.


Do you Deliver Cider and Wine Also?

  • Yes.

When Does It Get Delivered?

  • Orders placed between 12 midnight and 12 noon can be delivered the same day by 4 pm.
  • Orders placed after 12 noon will be delivered the following day (Will try the same day if possible).

What Size Gets Delivered?

  • Half gallon sizes will be used and exchanged for Beer delivery. You must purchase the first growler and then you can use it for rotation. Growlers must be returned empty and clean. 

What Is The Cost for Beer Delivery?

  • First Growler + Beer (price depends on type) + 5$ Delivery Fee. 
  • Growler prices are: Glass Growler $7, Stainless Steel Growler $45

Is There a Limit to The Amount I Can Order?

  • The maximum quantity for beers is 5 gallons (10 Growlers) 
  • Cider and Wine are 2 cases per location, per day.

How Do I Pay?

  • Payments can be made with credit or debit cards at the time of ordering.
  • If you reach out via the form we will call you back to get your CC info.
  • Information needed is: Name, Address w/ zip code, Phone number, CC number w/ 3 digit security code and Expiration date. 

What is Your Delivery Area?

  • Initially, we are delivering to a 3-mile radius of Hoppy Brewer
  • Use the nifty map below to see if you are in the Highlighted Delivery Area. 


What Do You Have on Tap?

Check out our tap list below.

Beer Delivery Request Form

Fill out the form below or call (503)-328-8474 to request delivery and we will contact you for details and payment.