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Apollo is a super high-alpha bittering hop. When used towards the end of your boil, Apollo hops provide citrus, grapefruit, orange, pine, and resin flavors and aromas to your beer. These hops are used in Brown Bison Ale, Pirate Pale Ale, Pin-Head Pilsner, and Belgo Pale Ale styled brews. Apollo hops can be expensive, but they have great storage stability while being disease tolerant. Start brewing today so you can enjoy a pint of your very own ale styled beer this summer! Get your Apollo hops and more homebrew supplies at The Hoppy Brewer in Downtown Gresham. Learn more about Apollo hops below.

Origin and Description

Apollo Hops is a super alpha variety that was originally cultivated in 2000. Take hops variety 98001, cross that with USDA 19058m variety, then take the result and cross that with Zeus, and this champion hops variety is born. Apollo boasts a whopping 15% – 19% alpha acid content. Needing some bitter for your Imperial IPA, look no further. Well, actually start looking very hard. This disease tolerant and high yielding (2600-3000 bls/ac) hops variety is not so accessible. 



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