A Worthy Brewing Beer Tasting Event


Worthy Brewing has been brewing in Bend, Oregon since 2013. With a hop yard onsite, Worthy Brewing has the privilege of growing their very own hops. Join The Hoppy Brewer in a Worthy Brewing Beer Tasting event at 6 PM on Thursday, March 9th in downtown Gresham. Learn more about Worthy Brewing below.

The Brewery

Worthy Brewing is going big.  We hit the ground running as a production brewery with the capacity to brew 60,000 barrels from the get go.  With about 22,000 square feet of  floor space and an average ceiling height of 35 feet, we’ll have plenty of room to grow in. 

Pilot Brew System

WBC will experiment with new ingredients and new recipes on our 5 barrel pilot brew system. Our goal is to cook up 2 to 3 unique beers a month. 

Production Brew System

Recipes that survive our rigorous testing will graduate to our big boy 30 US barrel (930 gallon) 4 vessel steam-fired system. This brewhouse will be capable of producing approximately 240 bbls of beer in a 24 hour period, and about 60,000 barrels per year with minimal upgrades. 

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SRC: Click to learn about Worthy Brewing.