A Brief History Of Cider 

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Gresham locals love all of the drinks offered at The Hoppy Brewer – and it’s no wonder. Our passion for good beerswines, and ciders has led us to seek out the best of each of these types of drinks to provide to our enthusiastic Gresham customers. Of perhaps particular popularity this type of year is cider. If you love fall and cider, visit The Hoppy Brewer and browse our cider choices. 

A Brief History Of Cider 
Why, exactly, is cider so popular? What is the history of cider? While we can’t pin an exact date on when ciders were first being made, we do know that people have been enjoying ciders since well before 55 BCE. When the Romans invaded what would later become England, they found the locals already making an enjoying cider. The drink took off in popularity among the Romans, who spread it through their Empire. From there, it became a main drink in many European cultures. Remember that water often was not safe to drink due to bacteria from the time of cider’s invention and well into later years. This is part of the reason why low-alcohol cider was so widely enjoyed. 

When colonists came to America, they found the local apples – crabapples – weren’t quite the same as the apples they were used to. Smaller and more bitter, crabapples did not lend themselves well to making cider. Colonists brought cuttings from apple trees across the ocean and began growing more varieties of apples here in America. 

When you enjoy your favorite cider this fall, know that you are among many throughout history who have enjoyed a good cider. Visit The Hoppy Brewer to try our ciders! 

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