5 Important Tips For Beginner Homebrewers

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Homebrewing is an entertaining way to save money and enjoy different types of beer. Before you can brew your first batch of beer you’ll need equipment. Purchasing the proper equipment at the beginning of your homebrew venture will save you from many headaches, frustrations, and wasted ingredients. Click for the complete list of homebrewing equipment you’ll need to get started. Homebrewing is not as difficult as you may think but there are a few details that can make a world of difference. Beginner homebrewers should keep these 5 tips in mind during their homebrewing journey.

  1. Keep Everything Clean
    The most important rule among homebrewers is sanitation, especially during the cooling process. Reduce the risk of contamination by purchasing a coiled immersion chiller, which is easy to clean, to cool your wort. Click to learn about our copper immersion chiller.

  2. Prep Your Yeast Right
    First, don’t let your yeast sit in the fridge for months. Second, you have to give your yeast the right nutrients and amount of oxygen to get the job done. If the yeast is happy it’ll reward you with better tasting beer.

  3. Stay Away from the Stovetop
    Boiling over happens and it can cause a mess in the kitchen. Instead use a propane burner and patio, garage, or driveway space, heat your brew there and have a hose or a spray bottle ready when bringing the kettle to a boil or adding hops.

  4. Get Glass Fermenters
    Plastic fermenters are good and they’ll work but glass will last longer, won’t leak, and it’s much easier to sanitize.

  5. Alcohol Levels
    When you’re just getting started it’s trickier to manage higher gravity fermentations of stronger, more alcoholic beers. Going too light, though, leaves less room for error as there’s nowhere to hide any flaws. Beginners should stick within a range of 5 to 7 percent ABV.

You Could Try a Homebrew Kit First

Not ready to invest in homebrew supplies? Try a homebrew kit first. Our Boneyard home brew kit comes with everything you need to make 5 gallons of a unique and refreshing IPA. If you’re a beginner in the homebrew scene this kit will provide everything you’ll need to get started.

Click to learn how to ferment your beer or how to bottle your homebrew.

Watch How We Homebrew!

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