3 Holiday Drinking Games 

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Are you in search of great drinks in Gresham this holiday season? Choose drinks from The Hoppy Brewer! We’re passionate about good beers and other drinks, so we’re more than happy to provide Gresham with great options for beerswines, and ciders. We make getting the drinks you love easy with our beer delivery and beer pick-up services – so no one has to miss out this holiday season! 

Try These 3 Holiday Drinking Games 

2020 has been, let’s say, a unique year. While it may not be possible for you to travel and have your usual holiday get together this year, you can still have tons of fun at home with your family. If you live in an adult-only household, why not try some fun drinking games with drinks from The Hoppy Brewer? 

Never Have I Ever 

You know how this one works, right? Everyone takes turns saying “Never have I ever…” followed by something they’ve never done. Everyone who has done the thing said has to take a drink! Find out who in your household has re-gifted unwanted gifts or gone caroling. This game can even be played virtually! 

Holiday Alphabet Game 

Another game that you can enjoy with your household or virtually with loved ones is the alphabet game. Make it holiday-themed by only allowing people to say holiday-related items, songs names, etc. If you stumble up, you have to take a drink! 

The Santa Hat Game 

This is a great game to play on a fun, relaxing evening with your household. Pick a movie to watch, put a Santa hat on the corner of your television, and every time someone on-screen “wears” the hat, take a drink! 

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